The Weirdest Guiness’ Records

guiness logo The Weirdest Guiness’ Records

Recently I was reading the Guinness Book of Records, and I thought that I could find something interesting. And, I did find something interesting, and I’ve decided to share with you some of the weirdest records that I’ve seen. If you have some record as a proposal, something strange and sick, send in comments and we will add that too. Enjoy! P.S. Recorders are usually not represented in the pictures, but the images are only related to the record

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Funny Google Suggestions

50 Strange and Funny Google Suggestions latest Funny Google Suggestions

Queries too politically incorrect or too plain dumb to raise over dinner with friends are nowadays “Googled”. Why chinese people eat babies? Why you can’t own a canadian? With the Google search suggestion feature we can get a hint of the things people are searching for an explanation to. Before search engines people simply didn’t share their worst fears or weird habits. Now however the most ridiculous and irrational can be understood and explained online. Here are ten hilarious and strange Google search suggestions.

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Mountain Top Golf Fail

Now what he will do..

1242991040 mountaintopgolf Mountain Top Golf Fail

Facts Of Life

I never noticed! lol

fact of life Facts Of Life

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